Natural Resource Management and Ecology

The goal of the programme is to develop appropriate management technologies for more efficient use of land resources in the arid and semi-arid (ASALs) of Kenya, and contribute to the development of sustainable land use systems. This will involve in studies on range natural resources; their ecology and associated management. It ensures that primary productivity and its resource base are protected and thus productivity is enhanced and sustained for the benefit of secondary users. The sub thematic areas will include sub-themes:

  1. Pasture and Fodder Research
  2. Dryland Agro-forestry 
  3. Soil and watershed management
  4. Agro-meteorology & early warning
  5. Wildlife/livestock interactions
  6. Range alternative/emerging livelihoods

It is noteworthy that Kiboko has tens of thousands of acres with diverse vegetation types which in their pristine state provide a fertile ground for ecosystem studies, medicinal and aromatic resources among others. Being contiguous to the Kyulu also provides opportunity to research on biophysical and socio-economic implications of the wildlife/human interactions