Institute Management

Noah W. Wawire
Institute Director

NOAH WAWIRE is the Acting Director for Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute (AMRI), under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) since 2015. Wawire formally worked as the Principal Research Scientist with KALRO at the Sugar Research Institute and the former Kenya Sugar Research Foundation (KESREF) as the Head of Economics and Biometrics Department, since 2006. He holds a PhD in Environmental studies (Economics) from Moi University (2005), Kenya, an MSc in Agricultural Economics from the Kansas State University (USA) (1996) and a BA (Hons.) in Economics and Geography from the same University (1981). Wawire has gathered substantial experience in Agricultural/ socioeconomics and Environmental Economics research for the last 33 years in the fields of sugarcane production systems, adaptive rain fed rice research, water hyacinth control and economic impacts, environmental impact assessments and audits. He has immense experience in management, heading the Economics and Biometrics program as well as Acting as the Director of the former KESREF on numerous occasions. He has also participated as part-time lecturer, supervisor and external examiner in local universities. In addition, he has attended several scientific workshops locally and internationally and published papers in various proceedings and referred journals. He has provided consultancy work on Technology assessment and Impact analysis in Kenya. Wawire is a member of the Kenya Society of Sugar Technologists (KSSCT) and the Ecological Society Eastern Africa (ESEA). He was a Principal Investigator in a baseline survey on Agricultural Mechanization in Kenya in 2016.


Philip K. Leley
Centre Director, KALRO AMRI Katumani

PHILIP LELEY, the Centre Director KALRO AMRI Katumani is an alumnus of Egerton University from 1990 to 1993. He accomplished his MSc on maize breeding at Moi University 2003-2008. He later studied his PhD in South Africa at the University of Kwa Zulu -Natal in 2007-2009. Dr. Leley has served as maize breeder for the eastern marginal lands since 2006. He has been a principle scientist on various maize breeding projects since 2010. He is developing maize varieties for mid altitude areas.


Daniel L. Mutisya
Deputy Centre Director,KALRO AMRI  Katumani

DANIEL MUTISYA, the Deputy Centre Director, KALRO AMRI Katumani, has a doctorate degree in Agricultural Entomology (2014) and an MSc in Agricultural Entomology (2010), both from University of Nairobi. His doctorate study area on cassava green mite pest has enabled correction of the mite (CGM) species as Mononychellus progresivus (Doreste) after molecular analysis. He holds a Bachelor of Science (2006) in agriculture from the Kenya Methodist University. He has also documented widely integrated management of cassava green mite (CGM) in different ecologies in East Africa. He has evaluated and and pulished recommendation of sorghum harvest at soft dough grain stage to prevent loss by birds. He has 15 refeered Journal papers and 10 national and international conference papers. Recently (2017), he has identified at molecular level, the red spider mite on Brachiaria grass, as Tetranychus urticae (Koch). Dr. Mutisya works in Crop Health Programme of Food Crops. He continues to supervise post harvest students on Agricultural Entomology and crop product post-harvest technologies along various chain values.


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