Vision & Mission


To be a premier and competitive institution of agricultural mechanization research in Kenya and globally


To generate and disseminate agricultural mechanization knowledge, technologies and innovations for increased productivity, commercialization and competitiveness in crops and livestock value chains in Kenya.


The overall objective for AMRI is to undertake research and disseminate information on agricultural mechanization in crops and livestock value chains for improved productivity and product quality.

In particular AMRIs specific objectives are:

  • Coordinate agricultural mechanization research  in the country
  • Identify research priority areas in collaboration with major stakeholders
  • Generate improved technologies on crop and livestock production
  • Seek research and innovations advances in mechanized agriculture for improved productivity
  • Undertake research on mechanized soil and water conservation and management
  • Promote regional and  international cooperation in agricultural mechanization research and information
  • Promote linkages between research, extension and farmers for wider dissemination /adoption of technological packages
  • Development of user manuals, publications and materials for dissemination