Agriculture Mechanization Programme


Mechanised agriculture is the process of using agricultural machinery to mechanise the work of agriculture, greatly increasing farm worker productivity. In modern times, powered machinery has replaced many farm jobs formerly carried out by manual labour. Farm power for various agricultural machine operations can be broadly classified as: (1) Tractive work such as seed bed preparation, cultivation, spraying, harvesting and transportation, and (2) Stationary work like silage cutting, feed grinding, threshing, winnowing and lifting of grain and irrigation water. These operations are done by different sources of power, namely human, animal, engine, electricity and renewable energy.Agricultural mechanization is an essential input in raising labour and land productivity while reducing drudgery.  Mechanization can also be used to add value to primary products, create employment and income along the commodity value chain enabling the growth of commercial agricultural systems and efficiency in postharvest handling, processing and marketing options which translate to food security.