Information Communications Technology and Documentation Department


Information is a strategic resource that underpins the key functions and decision making processes of research institutions.The Information Communications and Documentation Department therefore was established as a means through which AMRI can plan, identify, create, receive, collect, organize, secure, use, control, disseminate, exchange, maintain and package its information as well as ensuring that value of that information is identified and exploited to its fullest extent to its stakeholders. 

Information and information technology resources can be planned for and managed so that they support the Institutions objectives and priorities as well as ensuring the continuity of developed technologies. 

Information Communications Technology Section

The ICT personnel manage and maintain ICT hardware, networks and software systems as well as providing end-user support at the Institute. 

AMRI - KALRO-Katumani has generated many technologies through various donor-funded projects. Currently, the technologies have been packaged in printed scientific papers, posters, brochures and manuals with assistance from the Katumani IMCT-publications team for showcasing at scientific proceedings, agricultural shows, farmers’ field days, and the media and on some of the donors’ websites, among other fora.A scientist in the department is also involved in the collaborative projects with partners in implementing the Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation component of research projects using state of art technologies to determine the social acceptability of drought tolerant crops in eastern and western Kenya among other projects the department is currently giving support.

Services Offered include:

  • Digital data collection  using state of Art technologies and data analysis
  • Setting up and configuration of computer running systems
  • Maintenance of computers, repair  and  antivirus updates
  • Troubleshooting and  repair of computer systems
  • Graphics and design develops;
    • Brochures
    • Pamphlets
    • Posters
    • Booklets
  • Editing  and assisting  of various KALRO scientists during submission of  manuscripts to various journals
  • Editing  and assisting  of various KALRO scientists when preparing  reports
  • Participate in activities and production of Institute ASK Shows
  • Compilation of  reports;
    • Weekly briefs
    • Annual reports
    • Editing Performance Contracts
  • Setting up conference (projector) during meetings


Library and Information Services

The Library is an integral, effective, and preeminent partner in research. Information professionals provide library services of the highest caliber that meet expressed and anticipated needs of agricultural research especially through innovative technological means.  The AMRI Library manages information and knowledge to advance research. It has various hard-copies and a modern e-library (electronic) and computers for users and a wireless facility. Users have access to the three daily newspapers, students and visiting scientists. Newspapers are also accessible online.

The Services Offered;

  • Creating and maintaining information and knowledge systems using state-of-the-art technology - TEAL database system for ease of information retrieval.
  • Providing access to information and educating users especially students on how to access that information.
  • Outsourcing Current Information Resources
  • Borrowing and lending of resource books
  • Reference Services

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