The institute had the following achievements from 2014 to 2016:-

Two Kenya Ploughing Competation held at Katumani

Mr. P. Kathuli(Red arrow) giving the competitors the rules of the ploughing( 15 competitors participated from Machakos,Makueni and Kitui )


  •  4010 Primary, secondary and University students, 60 students on attachment and 1250 farmers

The programme also makes arrangement to train individual farmers, farmer groups, trainers of trainers in all aspects of crop production livestock and utilization.

14- Field days -13,456 Farmers participated

The institute Director taking the Kitui Governor (Guest of honor).
Through the demonstration plots at Ithookwe Sub- centre

6- Shows -2 Machakos, 2Kitui and 2 Nairobi international trade fair

Show goers getting explanation on various crps
Machakos Agricultural show-2016

NB. This programme is continuous and it depends on other programmes within the institute and from other institutes.

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