Bird menace on sorghum & millets

Sorghum crop grain, Sorghum bicolor (L.) is an important cereal staple worldwide known for its carbohydrate quantity. In the years of 1980s and 1990s most breeding programmes in Africa developed improved varieties for the major production regions of sorghum. In eastern Africa, sorghum is among the food security crops. Much of Kenya regions can achieve high levels of food security by increased sorghum production even in an event of seemingly low rainfall amounts aggravated by climate change scenarios.

Serinus reichenowi, Plocepasser mahali andQuelea quelea- Photos courtesy of “Bird International”

Management / control.A technology where sorghum grain is harvested at soft dough, then the panicles subjected to sunshine drying for 3-4 weeks was validated at KALRO-Katumani, Ithookwe and Kampi-Mawe during the period of 2016 production seasons. The results showed over 92% yield gain at cream-white stage. Similar yield gain has been observed on millets early harvest and subsequent drying of the grain panicles before threshing.