Pigweed beetle on amaranth

The amaranth crop, lead as one of the popular up-comimg nutrient rich vegetable. The pigweed vegetable, as amaranth is usually referred as, is fast replacing kale and cabbage vegetables in most stew incredients. The main pestis the pigweed beetle, Hypolixus haerensBoheman, which causes 54% yield loss in arid-and-semi arid region of eastern Kenya.No major disease is reported on amaranth crop.


The pigweed beetle

Management/ control:It was determined that Bulldock Star® 262.5 EC (pyrethroid-organophosphate) of Beta-cyfluthrin 12.5g/litre-with-Chloropyrifos 250g /litre; effectively suppresses the larval stage of the pest. Most systemic insecticides could control the beetle larvae as they bore through the stem.

The grain amaranth, Amaranthus hypochondriacus L. and the leaf cultivars, A. hybriudus can attain 100% if the insecticide is applied three weeks after plant germination.