Up-scaling grain amaranth production and consumption in semi-arid Kitui County, eastern Kenya

The Catholic Diocese of Kitui is the implementing partner of the grain amaranth technology. Whose aim is to  up scale the grain amaranth production and consumption in the semi-arid lands of Kitui County, eastern Kenya.  The project is taking place at Muthale, Mwingi, Mutomo and Kitui. The project targets s 25,000 farmers in the four implementing areas. The ultimate beneficiaries of this programme are the vulnerable groups in Kitui County. The entry point has been through the support groups of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. and other interested vulnerable groups within the communities. The project is at its final year of implementation as per the agreement between KALRO and Catholic Diocese of Kitui.


To improve Food and Nutritional Security among the Vulnerable Groups in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kitui County.


Farmers are already selling grain amaranth to the project.


Total of 25,286 [8123 M & 17173F] direct and 18,965 indirect farmers sensitised on the nutritional value of grain amaranth

Farmers trained on amaranth processing

Five hundred acres of land under amaranth production

Seventy amaranth demo plots established with an average acreage of 10 acres

Total of 272 kg of grain amaranth distributed to farmers

Six hundred and eighty labelled T-shirts printed and given to farmers during the agricultural shows, group visits and trainings in 2015-2016.

Co-authored an amaranth brochure and a manual with the guidance of KALRO-Katumani

Developed 2 banners with amaranth messages to facilitate the dissemination process

Bought 2 motorbikes for use by project staff