Second National Coffee Conference 2016

  1. Alternative methods for processing coffee (JK Mburu; CW Kathurima & G.Alwora)
  2. Approaches to increase coffee production - Soil fertility management (J N Mburu; Soil Chemist/Plant Nutritionist)
  3. Farmers'experience (Small-Holder)- (Benard Njiru Muriuki, Member of Murue FCS Ltd, Kianyangi Factory, Embu-North Sub-County)
  4. Coffee market outlook-CABRIO RUIRU COFFEE FAIR - 2016 (Grenville Melli, Interim Head - Coffee Directorate)
  5. Climate change and its mitigation in sustainable coffee production (Joseph Kimemia, Coffee Research Institute)
  6. Expansion of coffee farming to new frontiers in Kenya (Mugo H M, Coffee Research Institute)
  7. Coffee Quality Management (Dr. Cecilia Kathurima, Coffee Research Institute)
  8. Linkages between counties and the Coffee Research Institute - A county's perspective. [Hon (Dr.) Monicah Waiganjo, Tabitha Gicheru and Purity Mbaabu-County Government of Kiambu]
  9. Financing coffee. (Nancy Chelangat Cheruiyot, Interim Managing Trustee Commodities Fund)
  10. Progress in the development of coffee varieties (James Gimase)
  11. Outreach and partnerships in the coffee sector under the current governance (James Minai)
  12. Viability of coffee farming as a business (Lucy Muriithi)