Rice Physiological Disorders Factsheets

Cold damage in rice

Cold damage in rice is a widespread phenomenon affecting over 25 countries globally

Copper Deficiency in Rice

Copper (Cu) is essential for grain formation, water movement and protein synthesis 

Drought (water) stress effect in rice

Drought is a period of low moisture last from as low as 15 days to years causing extreme dryness

Iron Deficiency in Rice

Iron is essential for biological nitrogen fixation, protein synthesis, increases leaf thickness and chlorophyll production

Iron Toxicity in Rice

Iron toxicity is common in permanently flooded lowland rice production systems

Magnesium deficiency in Rice

Magnesium (Mg) improves grain quality, protein and starch content of rice

Manganese deficiency

Manganese deficiency interferes with photosynthesis and protein synthesis resulting in stunting of plants

Nitrogen Deficiency in Rice Production

Nitrogen (N) enhances plant growth, grain yield and grain quality
Nitrogen is the most limiting element in almost all soils

Phosphorus Deficiency in Rice Production

Phosphorus (P) is important for root formation, flowering, tillering and ripening. Its deficiency is widespread in both upland and irrigated rice and is a major growth-limiting factor in acid upland 

Potassium deficiency in Rice Production

Potassium (K) is utilized in the movement of water and nutrients (carbohydrates and proteins) during photosynthesis

Salinity stress damage in rice

With climate change and rise in sea water level, flooding of agricultural land by salty water is expected to bring more area under salinity.

Silicon Deficiency in Rice

Silicon deficiency negatively affects the development of a thick silicate epidermal cell layers making the plants weak and susceptible to fungal, bacterial diseases, mites, pests

Sulphur deficiency in rice

Sulphur (S) is a key constituent of chlorophyll and affects protein synthesis, plant function and structure.

Zinc deficiency in Rice

Zinc (Zn) is important for early vigour and grain formation