Rice Pests Factsheets

African rice gall midge (Orseolia oryzivora Harris and Gagne)

The pest is small reddish-brown insect, 4-5 mm long and females lay up to 300 eggs on rice leaf sheaths. 

Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)

The moth lays cream/grey egg masses covered in layer of grey-pink scales underside of leaves

Granivorous birds

Birds are found in the bush, grasslands, and savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa.

Pink stem borer (Sesamia calamistis )

Pink stem borer is a destructive rice pest affecting all stages of rice growth.


Red billed quelea, Quelea qualea

The Red-billed Quelea is one of the weaver birds that build elaborate enclosed nests by weaving together strands of grass and other plant materials

Rice Aster Leafhopper (Macrosteles fascifrons)

The adult hoppers are about 0.125 inch long, with transparent wings that are strongly veined, and body background colors of gray and black

Rice caseworm (Nymphula depunctalis Guenee)

Adult moths get attracted to standing water and light and lay eggs on young seedlings.


Rice leaf folders (Cnaphalocrocis medinalis, Guenee)

The pest is a small brownish – orange coloured moth with 1-2 distinct dark wavy lines on the brownish fore and hind wings.

Rice Leafminer (Hydrellia griseola)

The adult is a small, olive-green fly   found in early-season walking on water and rice leave surfaces

Rice root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne graminicola)

Rice root knot nematode is a serious pest of rice in light-textured soils and irrigated upland

Rice white tip nematode (Aphelenchoides besseyi)

This foliar nematode is ecto-parasitic that feeds on leaves and young rice tissues.

Rice whorl maggots (Hydrellia spp)

The rice whorl maggot is semi-aquatic and common in irrigated fields and feeds on central whorl leaf 


Rodent populations thrive where there is adequate food, water and shelter in close proximity.

Spotted stem borer (Chilo partellus Swinhoe)

Adult moths have pale yellow forewings with a few dark spots and white hind wings.  
Egg clusters (white to dark-yellow) and young larvae are found greyish white in seedlings.at leave junction.

Stalk-eyed fly (Diopsis thoracica)

It prefers an aquatic habitat and has distinct black thorax and reddish brown abdomen

The African armyworm (Spodoptera exempta)

The African armyworm is a moth,  and the larvae (caterpillars) are important pests

White rice stem borer (Maliarpha separatella Rag)

One of the most destructive pest of rice that affects rice plants from seedling to maturity. stages