2017 Brochures

Antioxidant activity of purple tea
Appropriate Donkey Carrier and Metal Cans for Transporting Camel Milk
Breeding Management for Healthy Sheep and Goats
Coffee Field Establishment
Coffee Nursery Management
Coffee Nutrition
Common Diseases of Tea in Kenya
Common Pests of Tea in Kenya
Control Mastitis for Hygienic Camel Milk
Control of Anthracnose Disease in Mangoes
Control of Weevil and Anthracnose Disease in Mangoes in Kerio Valley
Control roadside erosion using vetiver grass
DESIREE: A potato variety for Production quality chips
Diagnosis and Control of Coccidiosis in Goat Kids and Lambs for Faster Growth
Doum Palm and Its Products: A Source of Income to Pastoralists in Northern Kenya
Dry Land Beans: Plant KALRO Dry Land Beans: Reduce Poverty, Raise Incomes In Arid and Semi-Arid Lands
Dutch Robyjn: A potato variety with excellent crisping and mashing quality
Economics of Seed and Hay Production in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas
Embrace fish farming in riparian areas instead of growing eucalyptus
Enrich Napier Grass Quality By Ensiling With Cassava Leaf And Chips
Feed Cashew Nut Siftings to Dairy Cattle for Increased Milk Production
Fluoride in Tea:a Blessing In Disguise?
Grow Bananas for Improved Livelihoods and Environmental Conservation
Grow Brachiaria in Drier Areas for Livestock Feed
Grow Brachiaria Mulato Grass Varieties for Increased Milk Yield
Grow Duma Wheat in Dry-Lands to Reduce Dependency On Relief Food
Grow Fodder Sorghum for Increased Milk Yield in Areas Prone to Napier Stunt Disease
Grow Giant Panicum Grass for Increased Milk Yield in Areas Prone to Napier Stunt and Head Smut Diseases
Grow the Right Maize Variety for Northern Kenya
Grow Vegetables Using Organic Manures
Gully Rehabilitation for Increased Food Production
Heavy Metals and Minerals in Tea
High Yielding Maize Varieties for Highlands
How to Control Heartwater Disease
How to Graft Cashew-Nut Seedlings
How to Make a Solar Dryer
How to Make Finger Millet Crackies
How to Make Yoghurt for Health and Wealth
Identification and Management of Antestia Bug (Antestiopsis Spp) in Coffee
Identification and Management of Bacterial Blight of Coffee (BBC) Elgon/ Solai Die-Back
Identification and Management of Berry Moth (Prophantis smaragdina) in Coffee
Identification and Management of Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) And Coffee Leaf Rust (ClR)
Identification and Management of Fried Egg Scale, (Aspidiotus sp) and Cottony Scale, (Icerya pattersoni newst ) in Coffee
Identification and Management of Giant Looper (Ascotis selenaria eciprocaria) in Coffee
Identification and Management of Root Mealybug (Planococcus citri) in Coffee
Identification and Management Star Scale Insect Pest (Asterolecanium coffeae ) in Coffee
Identifying and Controlling Major Passion Fruit Diseases
Identifying Common Maize Field Pests
Improved Camel Calf Management
Improved Poultry House for Hot Environments
Improving Quality of Hides and Skins Using Wet Salting Curing Method
Improving Storability of Sweet-potato for Food Security
Increase Crop Yields and Promote Soil Health Through Conservation Tillage
Kenya Baraka: A potato variety with good chipping and mashing qualities
Kenya Mavuno :A High Yielding Late Blight Tolerant Potato Variety with Good Cooking and Processing Qualities
Kenya Mpya: A high yielding late blight tolerant potato variety with good cooking and processing qualities
Kenya Sifa: A High Yielding Late Blight Tolerant Potato Variety With Good Cooking and Processing Qualities
Kerr’s Pink: An Early Maturing Variety with Good Cooking and Processing Qualities
Kukausha Maembe ili Kuboresha Lishe
Make Nyirinyiri and Lakuli from Camel Meat to Reduce Hunger and Make Money
Make Quality Gooseberry Fruit Jam
Management of Fusarium Bark and Fusarium Root Diseases in Coffee
Management of Coffee Berry Borer (Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari)
Management of Coffee Canopy
Management of Roundworms in Dairy Calves
Management of Soft/Bulb Rot Disease in Arabicum for Quality Cut Flowers and Bulbs
Mango Drying for Nutrition Security
Napier Grass Seed Production Guidelines to Manage Stunt And Head Smut Diseases
Okoa Maziwa Ongeza Mapato
On Farm Stem Cutting for Clean Potato Seed Production
Palm Oil Processing for Increased Income
Pigeon Pea Hybrid Varieties for Better Yields
Plant-Based Pesticides for Control of Vegetable Pest
Potential Health Benefits of Tea Anthocyanins and Catechins
Practices for Maintenance of Healthy Dairy Cattle for Improved Dairy Productivity
Processing Dry Cassava Products for Storability and Food Security
Production of Sweet Potato Vines as quality feed for dairy cattle
Purple Gold A Potato Variety for Producing Excellent Quality Crisps
Push-Pull Technology for Drier Areas for Increased Cereal Yields, Animal Feeds and Soil Improvement
Reduce Camel Milk Spoilage Using Simple Cooling Technology
Reduce Soil Erosion and Increase Crop Yields by Using Vetiver and Makarikari
Role of Biotechnology in Tea
Roslin Tana A Potato Variety for Producing Excellent Quality Chips
Safe Dairy Feed for Healthy Dairy Products
Sherekea: A High Yielding Late Blight Tolerant Potato Variety with Good Cooking and Processing Qualities
Simple Tips to Achieve Proper Seed and Ware Potato Storage
Smallscale Production of Medicated Feed Blocks
Solar Milk Pasteurisation for Enhancing Milk Marketing in Arid Areas
Soya Beans Production in Kenya
Standard Coffee Processing Procedures
Stop the Spread of Napier Stunt Disease
Supplement Lactating Goats with Acacia tortilis pods: Get More Milk in Dry Areas
Sweet Potato Conservation and Multiplication
Sweetpotato Field Production, Processing and Marketing for Wealth Creation and Feeding the Future
The KALRO Threshers for Rice
The KALRO Wheat Thresher for Improved Grain Quality
The Nutritive and Health Benefits of Tea
Tips on Maize Handling to Avoid Mycotoxins in Food and Animal Feed
Tomato Leafminer (Tuta) Identification
Utengezaji wa Silage ya Napier Kutumia Muhogo na Majani Yake kwa Maziwa Mengi Wakati wa Ukame
Weed Management In Coffee