Non-Ruminant Research Institute

Cockrels for upgrading of indigeous chicken at Non-Ruminant Research Centre Naivasha


About the Institute
The KALRO Non-Ruminant Research Institute (NRI) was created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act of 2013. The Institute's main focus is to develop improved technologies that will support the upgrading and commercialization of the various non-ruminant value chains including poultry, pigs and emerging livestock. Upgrading these value chains will lead to wealth creation, food and nutritional security for all the players.
The Institute will conduct focused research on pigs, poultry, rabbits and other emerging livestock with a potential for commercial farming. In the past, these animals did not receive adequate attention in research and development. These animals have proved to be highly prolific with high returns and have great potential to contribute to food security, income generation and poverty alleviation

The headquarters of the Institute are in KALRO Kakamega in Kakamega County. This is highly populated and productive area of the county and indigenous chicken is a major enterprise in the county and the surrounding counties.

The Non Ruminant Research Institute has the mandate of generating and catalyzing non-ruminant knowledge, innovative technologies dissemination and services for sustainable livelihoods. The Institute has a national mandate with the following objectives;

1. Generate knowledge, information and technologies that will enhance the productivity of non-ruminant value chains
2. Develop and promote markets and marketing strategies for non-ruminant product value chains
3. Facilitate and advocate policy option for enhancing demand-driven non-ruminant product value chains
4. Strengthen the capacity for implementing non-ruminant product value chains Research
5. Catalyze the dissemination of knowledge, information, and technologies on non-ruminant product value chains

Institute Director,
Non-Ruminant Research Institute
P.O. Box 169-50100
Telephone 020 2619792

Kakamega, Naivasha