Information brochures II

A quick pen-side test for goat pneumonia
Avoid rejection of horticultural produce
Beekeeping in Coastal Kenya
Camel breeding for more calves
Camel breeds in Kenya
Choose best pyrethrum for your area
Control weeds in bulb onions for bulb onions for high yields
Feed cassava leaves to dairy cattle in the dry season
Goat production in dry areas of Kenya
Grow aloe for wealth, health and land rehabilitation
Grow black sigatoka tolerant bananas
Grow cabbages in rotation with legumes for more benefits
Grow climbing beans for high yields
Grow improved beans for food and income
Grow panama disease resistant apple banana
Grow safflower in the dry areas of Kenya
Growing Ammi Cut Flower
Growing cow peas in dry areas
Growing maize for food and fodder
Honey production in dry hot areas
Housing Indigenous Chicken
How to avoid farm milk spoilage
How to establish a passion orchard
How to establish and graft passion fruit seedlings
How to improve quality of crop residue for feeding livestock
How to make Cassava bread
How to make mineral blocks for livestock de-worming and mineral supplementation
How to manage weeds for improved maize yields
How to multiply clean banana planting material from existing plants
How to prepare and feed Chumvi Kuria to Camels
How to preserve African leafy vegetables for use in dry periods
How to reduce diarrhoea in camel calves
How to supplement sheep and goats using local dry land tree legumes
Identification and prevention of cattle pneumonia (CBPP)
Identify and manage cabbage blackrot
Improve and maintain soil fertility for profitability
Improve dry land pastures through weed management
Increase sunflower yield through intercropping
Know and multiply benefical organism on your farm
Know and utilise loca plants for Livestock feeding
KSTP94 Striga tolerant Maize for Western Kenya
Livestock fodder from Sorghum and sweet potato vines
Low cost home made supplement for dairy cows
Make money from Gladiolus cut flowers
Management of citrus pests and diseases
Management of roundworms in sheep and goats
Molucella cut bflower production
New Cassava varieties for Coastal Kenya
Oil palm growing and processing
Pick pyrethrum at the correct stage
Piglet management for for improved pig production
Plant early for more harvests in dry areas
Post harvest handling and protection of maize
Process cashew nuts and make money
Processing cassava root for dairy cattle feeding
Production of food (ware) Potatoes
Production of rain fed rice
Rapid diagnosis of Rift Valley fever Fever disease
Rapid multiplication of sweet potato vines
Ratoon (cut back) sorghum for increased harvest
Rearing the milk goat
Risayon mobile house for kids and lambs
Rotten grains fed to animals are harmful to your health
Save firewood Use Udongo Jiko
Tied ridges for more sorghum and millet production
Tree Lucerne for livestock feeding
Use green legume manures to reduce commercial fertilizer use
Use KARI tested technologies to preserve environmental health
Use mat solar dryer to dry pyrethrum
Use pyrethrum solar dryers for increased income
Use streak tolerant maize to manage maize streak virus disease
Use sunflower seed cake for livestock feed rations
Using vetch to feed livestock
Vaccinate cattle against East Coast Fever
Weed Control using Mucuna