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About the Institute

The KALRO Horticultural Research Institute, is headquartered at Thika. It was created in 2014 by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Act of 2013. Horticultural research in Kenya dates back to 1947, when research on temperate fruits (pears, plums, peaches and grapes) was begun at the National Pyrethrum and Horticultural Research Centre, Molo. This was followed by the establishment of the National Horticultural Research Station (NHRS) Thika, in 1957, under the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1989 the centre was renamed the National Horticultural Research Centre under the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and in 2000, the centre was again renamed the KARI-Thika Research Centre.


The Centre was effective 1st July 2014 elevated to the Horticulture Research Institute with four Centres i.e KALRO Kandara (Muranga), KALRO Matuga (Kwale), KALRO Kibos (Kisumu) and KALRO Tigoni (Kiambu).

The Horticulture Research Institute Headquarters is situated in Muranga County, 5km North of Thika town and 43km from Nairobi, on the Nairobi-Nyeri road.  It lies within coordinates 0059' South and 370 04' East at an altitude of 1548 metres above sea level. 

The Horticultural Research Institute will conduct research in horticultural crops covering vegetables, fruits, flowers and MAPS (garlic, mushrooms and chilli) and disseminate appropriate information and technologies. The mandate of the institute is:

1. To generate and promote technologies and innovations for demand-driven horticultural product value chains
2. To develop and promote markets and marketing strategies for horticultural product value chains
3. To facilitate and advocate policy option for enhancing demand-driven Horticultural product value-chains
4. To strengthen the capacity for implementing horticultural value chains research
5. To enhance availability of knowledge, information, and technologies on horticultural product value chain research

Institute Director,
Horticulture Research Institute
P.O. Box 220-01000, Thika
Tel. 020-2055038
E-mail: director.hri@kalro.org
Website: www.kalro.org

Thika, Tigoni, Kibos, Matuga