Biotechnology Research Institute

Preparation of samples in a lamina flow

About the Institute
The Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) in one of the institutes established under the KALRO Act 2013 to undertake research that would generate and promote agricultural biotechnology knowledge, information and technologies that respond to clients' demands and opportunities. Kenya is an agro based country; therefore BRI will work with county governments and other stakeholders, to sustainably exploit the country resources to make new products or provide new methods of production using modern biotechnology. This is in line with the National Biotechnology Development Policy (2006) that recognized that biotechnology requires a close working relationship with multiple stakeholders.

The Biotechnology Research Institute is situated at the Muguga KALRO Campus (formerly KARI-TRC; KETRI) in Kiambu County. It integrates all research activities of the the former TRC, Muguga and the Biotechnology Research Centre, Kabete along Waiyaki Highway. The headquarters in Muguga is approximately 40 km from Nairobi, off Nakuru-Nairobi Highway in an environment that is conducive for research and training.

Institute mandate
Despite the progress in agricultural and livestock productivity through classical breeding and selection, these techniques are inadequate in attaining the rate of advancement required to resolve food production and processing challenges. Consequently, there is need to explore alternative tools of research such as novel laboratory-based biotechnology to provide solutions. The Institute has four major objectives;

1. To generate and promote agricultural biotechnologies and innovations for demand driven agricultural product value chain
2. To develop and promote markets and marketing strategies for agricultural biotechnology product value chains
3.  To facilitate and advocate policy options for enhancing demand-driven agricultural biotechnology value chains research.
4. To strengthen the capacity for implementing biotechnology product value chains research
5. To enhance availability of knowledge, information, and technologies on agricultural biotechnology value chain research.

The objectives will be achieved through the well structured research programs covering both animal, plant and environmental biotechnology

Institute Director,
Biotechnology Research Institute, KALRO
P.O Box 362-00902 Kikuyu

Muguga, Kabete