Apiculture Research Institute

An apiary of langstroth beehives

About the Institute
The KALRO Apiculture Research Institute is a leading institution created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act of 2013. The Institute's main focus is to support the apiculture sub-sector through use of best practices. Improvement and commercialisation of apiculture will contribute towards food and nutrition security and increase income.
The apiculture industry has been constrained by destruction of natural habitats, insufficient research on beekeeping technologies and honeybee biology, ineffective pest control and lack of coordination among various actors.

The Institute is located in Marigat, Baringo County. It is about 100 km from Nakuru town along Nakuru-Kabarnet road. This is in the heart of honey production region of Kenya with annual production of not less than 650 tons annually valued at KES 2.5 billion.

The Apiculture Research Institute will address the challenges affecting the Apiculture sub sector and promote value addition along its value chain.  The institute has national mandate with the following broad objectives:

1. To generate and promote technologies and innovations for demand-driven Apiculture product value chains
2. To develop and promote markets and marketing strategies for Apiculture product value chains.
3. To facilitate and advocate policy option for enhancing demand-driven Apiculture product value chains
4. To strengthen the capacity for implementing Apiculture product value chains research
5. To enhance availability of knowledge, information, and technologies on Apiculture product value chains research

Institute Director,
Apiculture Research Institute,
P.O. Box 32-30403 Marigat, Kenya.
Tel: 0773479016/7
e-mail: Director.ari@kalro.org

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