Institute Management

Dr. Monicah Maichomo (Director – Veterinary Sciences Research Institute), KALRO

Dr Maichomo has a PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (VEE) from the University of Nairobi (2008), a Master of Science Degree in Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (VEE) also from the same university (1997) and a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi (1993). She joined research with the then KETRI in 1997 and has since 2005 transferred service to the former KARI (currently KALRO) rising through the ranks of SRO and PRO. Previously, she was the head of epidemiology division in trypanosomosis research centre before the current appointment.
Dr. Erick Mungube Ouma (Centre Director, Veterinary Sciences Research Centre, Muguga North)

He holds a Doctorate Degree in Veterinary Medicine, Parasitology/Epidemiology from the Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany; a Master of Science Degree in Veterinary Epidemiology from the same university and a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi.

Prior to this current position, Dr Mungube served as a senior scientist and later as the Deputy Centre Director at the then Dryland Research Centre, Katumani in Machakos County.

He has authored and published several scientific journal articles in reputable international journals.

Joseph Shyachi (Ag. Officer-in-charge, Veterinary Sciences Research Centre, Alupe)

Joseph E. Shyachi is a dependable, self-driven clinician and a self-style manager with general output excellence. He is currently the Acting Officer in charge of VSRC Alupe centre. He has held this position since 2013. He joined Kenya Trypanosomiasis research institute (KETRI) in 1995 from the Ministry of Health as a Clinical officer. KETRI was later merged with the KARI in 2004. While at Muguga, he participated in establishment of the institute staff clinic. He was transferred to then KARI TRC Alupe in 2007 to head the hospital section.

He has participated in various institute activities. He first acted as an Officer in Charge in 2009-2010 while the officer in charge was on study leave.

As a clinical officer, he has raised ranks from Clinical Officer II to Senior Clinical Officer; thanks to his exemplary performance. He has been on the forefront in clinical management of sleeping sickness in the sub center apart from providing support to visiting research scientist. He has participated actively in KenTTec surveillance and CDC in Mara where suspected cases of sleeping sickness were identified. He has been on standby on any suspected investigative activities of the sub center. He also participates in induction of visiting students.

He hold an advanced diploma from Kenya Medical training college Nairobi.