Achievements/Success Stories

Highlight of previous achievements

1)         Rinderpest eradication.

2)         East Coast fever (ECF) vaccine development and production (proposed marketing by KEVEVAPI)

3)         Clexon® 1stECF drug developed (1983/84)

4)         New Castle Disease vaccine Thermo stabilization (AVIVAX®) 

Highlight of on-going activities

1)         CBPP sub-unit vaccine development  (on-going)

2)         PPR Vaccine thermo stabilization

3)         ECF vaccine production

4)         Evaluation of recombinant Capripox-PPR-RVF vaccine

5)         Streptococcus agalactiaesub-unit vaccine development

6)         Pen-side Mastitis test kit development

7)         Production of MUMBS

8)         Evaluation of Antimicrobial for treatment of CBPP

9)         Milk hygiene and safety studies

10)     Studies on Infertility in dairy cattle