Joint proceedings of the 27th Soil Science Society of East Africa and the 6th African Soil Science Society Conference


Diagnosis of sources of soil salinisation in selected irrigation schemes in semi-arid lands of Taita-Taveta County in Kenya
P. Kathuli, J.K. Itabari, I.V. Sijali, J. Gatuthu and S. Kiaura
(Diagnosis of sources of soil salinisation)

Andosolisation of soils on a strombolian cone at Mount Bambouto, Cameroon
P.S. Tsopjio Jiomeneck, P. Tematio, M.A. Wilson and M. Yemefack
(Andosolisation of soils on a strombolian)

Effects of tillage, fallow and burning on selected properties and fertility status of Andosols in the Mounts Bambouto, West Cameroon
P. Tematio, E.I. Tsafack, L. Kengni
(Effects of tillage, fallow and burning on selected)

Predicting occurrence of small mammals and fleas from landform and soil properties in the plague risk area of Lushoto District, Tanzania
J. Meliyo, D. Kimaro, B. Msanya1, L. Mulung
(Predicting occurrence of small mammals)

Effects of agricultural land uses on Phosphorus fractions and aggregation of wetland soils in East Africa
H. Kamiri, H. Richarts, C. Kreye and M. Becker
(Effects of agricultural land uses on Phosphorus)

Soil organic carbon stocks at different elevations in the Miombo woodlands of Kitonga Forest Reserve, Tanzania
H.B. Shelukindo, E. Semu, B.M. Msanya, P.K.T. Munishi and B.R. Singh
(Soil organic carbon stocks at different elevations)

Characterization of some soils of the Miombo Woodlands Ecosystem of Kitonga Forest Reserve, Iringa, Tanzania: Physicochemical properties and classification
H.B., Shelukindo, B.M., Msanya, E., Semu, S.B., Mwango, P.K.T. Munishi, and B.R. Singh
(Characterization of some soils of the Miombo)

Soil information to support sustainable food security in Africa: A case study in Burkina Faso
J.G.B. Leenaars and N.H. Batjes
(Soil information to support sustainable food)

Effects of gyphosate rates and formulations on weed control and maize performance under conservation agriculture in eastern Kenya
A. Micheni, F. Kihanda, F. Kanampiu and M. Rimui
(Effects of gyphosate rates and formulations)

On-farm assessment of water management and soil temperatures in dry season grown maize and tomato in Tabora, Tanzania
F.M. Bagarama
(On-farm assessment of water management)

Land holding and households' probabilities of adopting monoculture in Uganda
F. Mwaura
(Land holding and households' probabilities)

Mineral and geochemical characterization of the weathering mantle derived from norites in Kekem (West Cameroon): Evaluation of the related mineralization
P.Tematio, A.K. Nina, L. Kengni, P.J. Nguetnkam, and V. Kamgang-Kabeyene
(Mineral and geochemical characterization)

The sugarcane carbon sequestration potential as a clean development mechanism the case of Kakira Sugar Estates
J. Sekajugo
(The sugarcane carbon sequestration potential)

Evaluation of potential of tree tomato production and marketing in eastern Kenya for improved nutrition and food security
C. Muriithi, F. Matiri, F.Kihanda, D. Maina and F. Kasungo
(Evaluation of potential of tree tomato production)

Resource use efficiency in rice based farming systems: A case of upland and paddy rice in Namasagali sub-county Kamuli District
J. Mabiriizi Julius and M. Isabirye
(Resource use efficiency in rice based farming systems)

Utilization of plant health clinc innovation for sustainable crop production in embu County, eastern Kenya
C. Murithi, F. Kihanda, Z. Kinyua, F. Matiri, T. Wanyoike and D. Maina
(Utilization of plant health clinc innovation)

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