Joint proceedings of the 27th Soil Science Society of East Africa and the 6th African Soil Science Society Conference


Evaluation of rainfall data reconstruction techniques and variability indices in the drier zones of the central highlands of Kenya
O. Kisaka, C. Shisanya, and G. L . Makhoka
(Evaluation of rainfall data reconstruction)

Adapting agriculture to climate change - An evaluation of yield potential of maize, sorghum, common bean and pigeon pea varieties in a very cool-wet region of Nayandarua County
J.M. Miriti, A.O. Esilaba, K.P.C. Rao, J.W. Onyango, S.K. Kimani, J.K. Lekasi and P.N.M. Njeru
(Adapting agriculture to climate change)

Promotion of climate resilience for increased incomes and livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa
S. K. Kimani, A.O. Esilaba, P.M. Njeru , S. Koala, J.M. Miriti, J.K. Lekasi
(Promotion of climate resilience)

The effect of a dry agro-ecological zone on selected growth and yield parameters of three elite cassava genotypes grown in Mutomo Sub-County of Kitui County in Kenya
C. M. Githunguri; E.G. Lung'ahi, R., Amata, M., Gatheru , R. Musili and E., Njiru
(The effect of a dry agro-ecological zone)

Cassava farming transforming livelihoods among smallholder farmers in Mutomo a semi-arid district in Kenya
C. M. Githunguri; E.G. Lung'ahi, J. Kabugu and R.Musili
(Cassava farming transforming livelihoods)

Influence of agroclimatic conditions and fertilizer use on different pest mite management options in cassava production
D.L. Mutisya, . C.P.M. Khamala, C.W. Kariuki, E.M. El Banhawy
(Influence of agroclimatic conditions and fertilizer use)

Determinants of farmers' choice of technological options for adapting to climate variability: A case of eastern Uganda
K.M. Kansiime, K.S. Wambugu and A.C. Shisanya
(Determinants of farmers' choice of technological)

Drought Mitigating Technologies: An Overview of Cassava and Sweetpotato Production in Mukuyuni Division Makueni District in Semi-Arid Eastern Kenya
C. M. Githunguri and R.L. Amata
(Drought Mitigating Technologies)

Situation analysis of climate change aspects in Kenya
S.O. Nyamwaro, D.K. Wamae, Kizito Kwena, A.O. Esilaba, W. Ndegwa, S.J. Matere, K.J. Wasswa, R. Ruttoh and A.M. Kibue
(Situation analysis of climate change)

Characterization of seasonal rainfall variability and drought probability of the semi arid areas of Mbeere region in Embu County, Kenya
M.O. Kisaka, M. Mucheru-Muna, F.K., Ngetich, J. Mugwe, D. Mugendi and F. Mairura
(Characterization of seasonal rainfall variability)

Green infrastructure for enhancing soil-water-plant nutrient balance and climate change adaptation on smallholder field
E.E. Oku and E.A. Aiyelari
(Green infrastructure for enhancing soil-water-plant)

Exploring gender dynamics on perception of climate change on farming with focus groups in Machakos and Makueni Counties, Kenya
J.W. Kalungu, W.L. Filho and D. Harris
(Exploring gender dynamics on perception)

Improving livelihoods in semi-arid regions of Africa through reduced vulnerability to climate variability and promotion of climate resilience
S.K. Kimani, P.M. Njeru, A.O. Esilaba, S. Koala, J.M. Miriti and J.K. Lekasi
(Improving livelihoods in semi-arid regions of Africa)

Characterization of climate risks in dryland crop-livestock systems of Kenya
E.A. Okwuosa, M.O. Okoti, C.M. Njeru, P. Kitiem, P. Macharia, J. Mwaura, E. Kaguthi, B. Mwangangi and J.W. Wamuongo (Characterization of climate risks in dryland)

In-situ soil moisture conservation: utilization and management of rainwater for crop production
P. Kathuli P and J.K. Itabari
(In-situ soil moisture conservation)

Critical analysis of tillage practices with fertility levels in maize and populations in beans as adaptation measures to climate change to enhance food security at Kabete
J.W. Onyango, A.O. Esilaba and K.P.C. Rao
(Critical analysis of tillage practices)

Experimenting with smallholder communities for climate change adaptation in East Africa
F. Baijukya, K. Kaizzi and S. Mpoki
(Experimenting with smallholder communities)

Adoption of water resource conservation under fluctuating rainfall regimes in Ngaciuma/Kinyaritha watershed, Meru County, Kenya
E. Mutuma, O.Mahiri , P.N.M Njeru and S. Murimi
(Adoption of water resource conservation)

Optimum crop enterprise combination in sugarcane based farming systems: A case of sugarcane and maize in busedde sub-county, Jinja District, Uganda
B. Nsubuga
(Optimum crop enterprise combination)

Effects of gyphosate rates and formulations on weed control and maize performance under conservation agriculture in eastern Kenya
A. Micheni, F. Kihanda, F. Kanampiu and M. Rimui
(Effects of gyphosate rates and formulations)

Enhancing food production in semi-arid coastal lowlands Kenya through water harvesting technologies M.B. Muli, R. Musila and A. Mzingirwa
(Enhancing food production in semi-arid)

Integration of indigenous knowledge in agricultural information and communication systems for adaptation to climate change by smallholder farmers of coastal Kenya
G.A Achiando, R. Birech and W. Ochhhola
(Integration of indigenous knowledge)

Climate change impacts and coping/adaptation strategies in semi-arid eastern Kenya
Mwangi wa Gatheru, E.M. Gichangi, E.N. Njiru and E.O. Mungube
(Climate change impacts and coping/adaptation)

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