Scientific Technical Committee

The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research, 2013 establishes the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) to serve as the advisory arm of KALRO, and also provide technical, financial and legal expertise to the Board and the Research Institutes. The Committee consists of a chairperson and members, appointed by the Board, with such expertise in the research thematic areas of the organization. Specifically the functions of STC are:
i) To advice the Board on:
a) Science policy and broad strategic research directions.
b) Strategic planning, priority setting and research agenda.
ii) Undertake system level impact assessments.
iii) Collaborate with partners to mobilise and harness best science practices.
iv) Provide advice and capacity building to research institutes and individuals undertaking agricultural research and programs pursuant to this act.
v) Analyse policies, research proposals and proposed research  programs prior to submission to the Board for approval.
vi) Perform such other functions relating to agricultural research as may be assigned to it by the Board.

KALRO - Ol Joro Orok Products

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