Nutrient Management
Site specific nutrient  Depends on soil level fertility and soil analysis
NERICA 1,4,10 and 11 Basal application 46kgP205 /ha at planting 1st Apply 26 kgN/ha at 21 DASE 2nd   application of 26 kgN /ha at PI after about 50 DASE Western Kenya

BAS 370/ita 310, I DAP bag basal 1 Bag of 50kg SA
BW/IRA  basal 1 DAP, 2 bags 100kg SA
Straw mgt- incorporate into the frield after harvest

Use of organic material
Apply 3 tonns of well decomposed of manure



Seeds of high quality should be true to its kind or variety, contain a minimum of impurities and have high establishment rates in the field. The main criteria for describing seed quality can be considered under the following:

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There are five parts in understanding good land preparation. These components are an understanding of the:

  1. role of tillage and land leveling in land preparation
  2. reasons why good land preparation is important


Guidelines to proper harvesting:

  • Harvest at the right time with the right moisture content;
  • Avoid delays in threshing after harvesting;
  • Use proper machine settings when using a threshing machine;
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