Technical Notes

Follow the links below for the technical reports: -
No. 10 Biogas Production (pdf 362KB)
No. 11 Acidic soils in Kenya: Constraints and remedial options (pdf 1.75MB)
No. 12 Legume Cover Crops Research in Kenya: Experiences of the Legume Research Network Project. A synthesis report of phase I (1994-2000) (pdf 2,391Kb)
No. 13 Soil fertility improvement technologies for western Kenya Detatil Content (pdf 1.75Mb)
 (pdf154kb) Cover (pdf 1.61mb)
No. 15 Development of gladioli and lilies for local and export markets
M.A.Gachukia, W.M.Ngaruiya, N.D.Kipkoech and J.N.Kabira
No. 17 A guide to choice of mineral fertilisers in Kenya (pdf 419kb)
No. 18 Indigenous chicken production manual (pdf 494kb)
No. 19 Options for Striga management in Kenya (pdf 348kb)