In achieving its mandate the station undertakes the following activities both at the station and in the field:
  1. Development, packaging and dissemination of Sericulture technologies to farmers  and other stakeholders
  2. Training of agriculture extension staff & Farmers 
  3. Supervision, technical  support 
  4. Production of clean high yielding mulberry planting materials (cuttings and saplings) for the farmers
  5. Production of high quality Silkworm seed (eggs and Chawki) for the farmers
  6. Incubation of silkworm eggs for farmers 
  7. Rearing of chawki (young silkworms) for the farmers
  8. Processing of produce (cocoons) into silk yarn and floss 
  9. Linking farmers to the market
  10. Value addition of Mulberry leaves and fruits.
  11. Collaborating with other S/holders in marketing