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The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) is a premier national institution bringing together research programmes in food crops, horticultural and industrial crops, livestock and range management, land and water management, and socio-economics.


KALRO promotes sound agricultural research, technology generation and dissemination that provides solutions to farmers’ agricultural problems. Through this endeavour, the Institute hopes to ensure national food security through improved productivity and environmental conservation; as well as global competitiveness of the Kenyan food products.


The Kenyan farmers are spread over a large expanse of land making dissemination of technologies through the extension service alone largely unable. With the advent of widespread internet availability, the Institute has roped in information communication technologies through use of an information portal that provides agricultural knowledge and information that farmers need. KALRO envisions a vibrant commercially oriented agricultural sector, propelled by innovative technologies, knowledge and approaches that respond to demands and opportunities.
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