Ol Joro Orok

KALRO-Ol Joro orok is a dairy Centre under Dairy Research Institute-Naivasha in the new organizational structure of Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO). Today the centre is a main testing site for technologies that are suitable and adaptable in the cold highlands characterised by low temperatures and occasional frost. To carry out these activities the centre has partnered with other KALRO Centres with mandate of various commodity programs to carry out research. These commodities include dairy, sheep, pastures and fodders, maize, potato and pyrethrum.

Besides research, the centre has consistently been producing seeds and clean planting material and availing the same to farmers to improve their farm productivity. The seed material include potato, High Altitude Composite (HAC) maize, Oats, sweet lupins, Vetch, Desmodium and head smut disease resistant Napier grass varieties.

The centre has also been selling breeding rams of Corriedale and Hampshiredown breeds to farmers to upgrade their sheep.