The KALROMsabaha centre was established in the late 1955 after a small experimental plot at Gede, 24 km from the National Park (Gede Ruins), was abandoned due to its poor slopes and abnormal soil type. Bush clearing, destumping, fencing and field boundaries were completed in early 1956. Early development of the Centre was financed out of cotton stabilization fund which was administered of the Cotton Lint and Seed Marketing Board of Kenya. The Centre was taken over by the Ministry and Research Division in coast Province in October, 1968. The station is situated 11 Km west of Malindi Town on the Mombasa main road. The major part of the farm, buildings, staff houses and office being on the seaward side of the road, are approximately 9.6 Km from the sea.

The dairy component of the centre has the objective of availing quality germplasm to farmers within the coastal region.  Jersey cattle are reared under free range system with supplementation with fodder under cut and carry system.