Beef Research Centre, Transmara is located in Narok County, 35 km South West of Kilgoris town and four kilometers east of Lolgorian town Centre in Transmara sub county. The centre is on 28.9 hectares of land in a medium – high potential area with a mean annual rainfall of 1280 mm and in an altitude of 1700 M above sea level. The Centre is on a hilly area with relatively unfertile soils, covered with natural vegetation characterized with grassland interspersed with ant hills, thickets and forest cover mainly on hills and ridges. An additional parcel of land measuring 31.3 Ha donated by Olomismis Ranch Group is yet to be made fully available to Beef Research Institute for development. The process of the title deed acquisition is ongoing.
The centre started as a focal point for the promotion of integrated livestock and agricultural development. In 1991 Transmara Development Program (TDP) a Multi-Sectoral rural development program of the government of Kenya supported by the federal republic of German through GTZ started livestock production activities and research programs at the Centre. The development programs aimed at contributing to the enhancement of the living standards of the people of Transmara in a sustainable way. The research activities going  on at the Centre are  Sahiwal cattle breeding  program, Red Maasai sheep breeding, and apiary management programs. The farmers in this area are largely agro pastoralists who mainly depend on livestock for their livelihoods.