Services offered

Commercial Activities

  1. Pasture Seed Production (Rhodes Grass, Rangeland Grasses & Brachiaria)
  2. Fodders [Napier Grass, Sweet Potatoes, Desmodium etc]
  3. Forage Sorghum & Millet Seed iv. Grass Hay (mainly Rhodes grass).
  4. Sale of live Beef Animals (Breeding bulls & heifers, Culls, Finished Beef Animals)


  1. Boran Bulls
  2. Boran Steers
  3. Sahiwal bulls
  4. Red masai breeding rams
  5. Arshire/Sahiwal crosses
  6. Boran/ Friesian crosses
  7. Culls for slaughter
  8. Boma Rhodes grass hay
  9. Boma Rhodes grass seed
  10. X-Tozi Rhodes grass hay and seed
  11. Forage Sweet potato vines  planting materials
  12. Several varieties of Napier grass planting materials
  13. Desmodium seeds and splits
  14. Seeds of forage and grain sorghum 


  1. Advisory services, technical backstopping and capacity building to the agricultural sectors ministries, farmers and other agencies dealing with agricultural research for development
  2. Capacity development of other service provider including extensions, Non Government Organizations, community based organizations (CBOs) and  civil society
  3. Quality of technologies developed, multiplied and disseminated through the uptake pathways
  4. Commercialization and of technologies and catalyzing farmers to linkages 
  5. Identification and prioritization of research agenda together with our partners
  6. Offering laboratories and consultancy
  7. The Centre also offers the following services and products
  8. Livestock feed analysis
  9. Information bulletin and brochures
  10. Animal produce and by-products this includes milk and manure
  11. Student attachment
  12. Conference facilities