Historical Background

Pedgree Boran cattle at LanetBeef Research Institute is a principal institution created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research (KALRO) Act 2013; it is one of the 15 Institutes that comprise KALRO. Beef Research Institute was created to provide operational autonomy to support the Beef sector through focused and efficient research. The institute is composed of four centres namely Lanet, Garissa, Mariakani and Transmara.

The centres are located in main beef production zones of different counties in Kenya with the Headquarters based in Garissa.

The Director is coordinating the affairs of the Institute from KALRO-Lanet while awaiting the construction and development of offices at Garissa.

Purebred Boran Bulls on natural pastures in LanetThe location of the Institute at Lanet is informed by several factors. Lanet is located at a central place in Kenya where over 60% Kenya livestock resources are found and over 70% of Kenya’s beef supply for domestic and export markets are sourced. These regions include the Eastern, North Eastern and Rift Valley.

Beef animals grazing at Lanet


Breeding for genetic improvement and adoption of better livestock in management practices are vital for improving production to meet market specifications.