The beef industry is constrained by recurrent droughts especially in ASALS, and diminishing beef animals’ genetics, among others. The Beef Research Institute focuses on improving productivity of beef cattle hence leading to the growth of the sub sector. Specifically the Institutes mandate is to:

  • Organize, design and conduct on-station and on-farm beef research in accordance with existing policies and set priorities.
  • Identify production, policy, market, processing and utilization constraints in the in the beef sub sector; plan and execute short and long-term research programs.
  • Identify and disseminate, in collaboration with partners and stakeholders options to improve beef production.
  • Collaborate with the extension services and partner institutions to disseminate research results and technologies.
  • Establish and maintain contact with regional and international agricultural research centres to tap the rapid introduction, evaluation and use of improved beef technology to the country.
  • Conduct under the direction of the secretariat, annual reviews of research results obtained and modify planned research programs accordingly.
  • Promote demand-driven participatory beef research, planning and priority setting.