Beef Research Institute is a principal institution created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) Act 2013, one of the 15 Institutes that comprise KALRO. The Beef Research Institute annual report 2014 covers activities undertaken in four research centres under its mandate namely Lanet (Nakuru County), Garissa (Garissa County), Mariakani (Kilifi County) and Transmara (Narok County). In its implementation of planned projects for the year under review the Institute management was guided by Kenya Vision 2030 ideals, KALRO strategic Plan and Government of Kenya Medium Term Plan.

Research projects focused on animal breeding, nutrition, pastures and fodders development, sorghum and millet production and utilization, natural resource management, socio-economics, and outreach and partnership.The Centre has redesigned breeding programs for various livestock breeds for improvement of the genetic potential and their population to meet clients demand. With the scaled-up breeding programs integrated with optimal use of natural resources and better husbandry practices, farmers have accessed genetically improved Boran and Sahiwal cattle, Boran x Friesian crosses, with high growth and reproductive performance for breeding purposes. Beef Research Institute has registered over 20  pedigree Boran bulls has various prime steers and cull-for-age animals for meat production.