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Beef Research Centre, Garissa was first established in 1979 as regional research centre to conduct research in North Eastern Province of Kenya which had three main districts: Garissa, Mandera and Wajir.  The centre conducted research on Horticulture, Dry land farming, Irrigation and drainage, Soil fertility, Beef and Dairy. It occupied 40 acres of land on Hodan farm. In December 1997, during El-nino rains, River Tana burst its banks and destroyed the centre facilities. The centre was restarted in 2009 on 100 acre land to a fully fledged regional research centre to conduct research Mandera, Wajir and Garissa counties. It is the designated headquarter of Beef Research Institute however; the Director of the Institute is based at Lanet, awaiting full completion of Garissa headquarters
The Centre was formed under KALRO Act 2013 to generate knowledge, information and technologies to improve beef productivity and commercialization. The mandate programs areas are mainly the 3 counties of the North Eastern region i.e. Garissa, Wajir and Mandera. The 3 counties have a total land area of 12.7 million ha. The human population is 2,310,757 with 382,345 households. The area is characterised by seasonal vegetation mainly annual grasses. Nomadic pastoralism is the mainstay of life, where pastoralists migrate with their herds in search of pasture and water.  Timing of the migration has increasingly become erratic under the impacts of climate change and variability.

Key among the achievements by Beef Research Centre, Garissa include:
•    Baseline and priority setting for mandate area,
•    Assessed value chains of camel, bananas, tomatoes mangoes
•    Studies on climate change knowledge and impacts.
•     Other assessments include economic analysis of pasture, Aloe crop.
•    Water harvesting as adaptation strategies and pasture production.
•    The Centre has built capacities of pastoralists in the mandate area on climate-smart fodder production as well as livestock value addition

Kamuthe Farmers Hands-on Pasture Production

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•    Through the partnership, KALRO Garissa has trained 22 agro-pastoralists in Kamuthe, Fafi sub-county Garissa.
•    The agro-pastoralists were trained on integrated feed systems that incorporate production of climate-smart pasture for increased incomes and for value addition.


•     Fodders recommended for up-scaling in the region were Sudan grass, Cenchrus Ciliaris and Rhodes X-tozi based on their proven drought tolerance, biomass production and nutrition value.