Business Development Service Division

Revenue generating activities
This is aimed at establishing alternative sources of funds for supplementing both research and other activities. Some of the sources include:

  1. Research consultancy services
  2. Honey processing and marketing
  3. Seed production especially pawpaw and range grass
  4. Expanding the Seedling production for mangoes, citrus and pawpaw.
  5. Introduction of other seedlings like avocado and tissue culture bananas
  6. Bulking of various crop seeds for farmers like groundnuts and soya beans
  7. Fruit production e.g. mangoes and water melons

9 .Hospitality services: Generate revenue by management of cafeteria, conference facilities and event grounds.
10. Pest diagnostics and advisory services

11. Conference hall (Conference Facilities- Total Capacity-100 persons)

Centre Business Committee Meeting

12. Student attachments

13. Advisory, training and contract-
This section deals with the external publics on business related issues. It contributes to the revenue generation in the centre by taking students on attachment, having farmer group’s visits for a fee, contract research, consultancy services at a fee

14. Information and Communications Technology Section (ICT)

The section was established to create, exploit and maintain information technology and communications infrastructural resources so as to support the centre in achieving the overall objective. There are four units in this section i.e., Library and Information Services, Information Technology, Publications and Telephone Exchange Unit.

15. Library and Information Services

Reading area in the library

This unit has continued to be a source of information to the centre staff, extension workers, farmers and students.

·        More than 115 books acquired through orders, gifts and exchange.

·        Unit acquired TEAL database system for ease of information retrieval.

·        Question and Answer Services (Literature search)

·        Current Awareness services (news Alert outsourcing information Resources)

·        Book Loans

·        Reference Services

Literature search.

Information Technology Unit

Established in 2013, the unit manages and maintains ICT hardware, networks and software systems as well as providing end-user support at the centre. Offers the following services:

·         Repair of computer systems

·         Installation of programs

·         Maintenance of computers

-  Cosmetic cleaning

-   Antivirus updates

·         Compilation of documents e.g.

-  Annual reports

-  Performance Contracts


·         Power point Projector services

·         Photocopying

·         Scanning

·         Binding documents

·         Organizing of data and data analysis using SAS

Repair and maintenance of computers

Photo copying services

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