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Factsheet on Anaplasmosis (gall sickness)

Diseases associated with high body fever, hard feaces, severe anaemia and general weakness mainly in cattle, sheep and goats. It is caused by minute parasite Anaplasma marginale which is transmitted by the tick Boophilus species (blue tick). The ticks also cause other effects to the animal like; weakening the animal by sucking blood, damaging the skin and hides, the animal is irritated by ticks on the body and therefore does take in adequate feed.

Dipping in an appropriate acaricide preferably in a plunge dip. Can also be controlled by hand spraying the animal with an acaricide using a knapsack or spray race. Can also be controlled using spot-on or ‘bay-ticol’ (flumethrin) which is applied evenly along the midline of the back from head to the tip of the tail.

Routine screening of the animals by taking blood smears for examination in the laboratory for the disease parasites.

Direct Control
Dipping in an appropriate acaricide and prompt treatment of sick cases using broad spectrum oxytetracyclin. Always use separate sterile needles for every animal while treating.

Avoid grazing tick free or disease free animals in areas where disease infected or tick infested animals are grazed. Also avoid grazing livestock in wildlife grazing areas.

Contacts Institute/Persons
ARLRI/Institute Director, Centre Director.