Factsheet on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for French beans

 Other names: Green beans, snap beans, string beans

 French bean crop Aphids on the branches  Red spidermites on leaves Bean fly on the stem

Key pests    
Bean fly, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, red spidermites, African bollworm

Key diseases    
Pythium, rootrot, anthracnose, leaf spots, rust, powdery mildew, haloblight, blight

The Problem
High use of pesticides has resulted to increased inspection by importers of French beans. Residues of several pesticides have been detected, affecting the export market.

To manage pesticide use in French bean production so as to avoid detection of the residues. This should be achieved through adoption of integrated pest management (IPM)

1. Farmers should grow French beans under Agronet. These will reduce the use of pesticides at early stages of crop growth. E.g. bean flies will be fully controlled by Agronets
Other benefits of Agronets include faster crop growth and less requirements for water. The other suggested practices should be implemented within the Agronet
 2.  Use certified seeds and dress with Apron Star at 10g/4kg seed. This is very good for cutworms and early pests. Certified seeds are usually treated with fungicides and are very good against soil borne diseases 
 3.  Drench the soil with Mytech + Trichotech (biocontrol) against soil borne diseases and nematodes
 4.  Use Mytech, Amblytech C, (biocontrol) for aphids and thrips 
 5.  Use Beauvitech + Lecatech (biocontrol) for aphids, whiteflies, thrips
 6.  Control whiteflies with pesticides such as Actara
 7.   Use Phytotech (biocontrol) against mites
 8.  Apply Ortiva to manage fungal diseases
 9.  Apply Karate for caterpillars

Take notice
 1. Products suggested have been tested by KALRO on IPM guided project.
 2. There are other biocontrol and synthetic pesticides in the market that may have similar active ingredients with the suggested products
 3. Scouting before pesticide application is important to reduce pesticide use
 4. Biocontrol products can be applied same period with fungicides but not insecticides
 5. Apply as many times as possible the biocontrol products to ensure the population is high. Early applications are recommended to ensure reduced pest presence at harvesting period
 6. Contact undersigned for further clarification and guidance
 7. Avoid use of insecticides at harvesting period and instead increase use of biocontrol
 8. Many times no pesticide is required. This is only possible if you carry out frequent scouting to know the status of a pest in your crop
 9. High exposure of pests to pesticides leads to resistance development. Therefore, only use pesticides when population is very high and biocontrol may not bring it down quite fast
 10. Always use protective clothing when applying pest control products
 11. Always read pest control product label and follow instructions on how to use. Where in doubt contact PCPB officers, extension officers near you or KALRO officer for clarification

Mandate Centres
Kabete, Thika

Reference Links – book, journal paper, magazine, brochure, bulletin, fact sheet, web etc

Expert Name 
Dr Muo Kasina, Miriam Otipa , Dr Lusike Wasilwa, Dr Victor Wasike and Violet Kirigua

Expert Contact Details
Kasina.j@gmail.com; lwasilwa@kari.org; otipamj@gmail.com

September 29, 2014