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Product records (Beans)

1.  Green Gram: Variety: N26 or KVR 26 (KAT/MB26 Katumani mung Bean 26)

Potential yields range from 300-1500kg/ha or 520-600 kg/acre

2.  KAT/B-9 (Katumani Bean 9)

KAT/B-9 (Katumani Bean 9)

3.  KAT/B1

Suitable for ASAL areas; performs best at 900-1600m above sea level (asl).

4.  KATX56

Suitable for ASAL areas; Reduced growth in low temperatures and very high rainfall.

5.  KATX69

Suitable for ASAL areas; also does well in cold dry highland areas; Reduced growth in very high rainfall.

6.  Yellow Grams: Variety N22 or KVR 22 (KAT/MB22 Katumani mung bean 22)

Tolerant to aphids, resistant to yellow mosaic and moderately resistant to powdery mildew