Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization

Agricultural & Livestock Research Information System (ALRIS)

KALRO develops appropriate technologies aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity. This information portal provides access to agricultural knowledge and information which is packaged into brochures, fact sheets, manuals, technical reports, published research papers, presentations and videos. The information covers technologies on crops, livestock and cross cutting issues like natural resource management, mechanization and socio economics.

Breeds and Varieties Section

Information here focuses on livestock breeds and crop varieties suitable for various agro-ecological zones in the country. [more...]

Plant and Animal Health Factsheets

This portal has simple pictorial information for quick reference on plant and animal health factsheets  

Products and Services

These are products and services available to our clients in institutes and centers. They include conference facilities, processed products, seeds and seedlings. [more...]


KALRO undertakes its research in crops and livestock through projects run at its centers.

Library and Information Services (LIS)

KALRO Library and Information Service is dedicated to disseminating agricultural information and Knowledge throughout the agricultural value chains.
At the  Library are  information services including access to e-Resources...

Specialized Web Systems

These are developed by specific projects and programs and address specific subjects and issues. They include ASAL Knowledge Hub, Kenya Pollination Network, e-MIMI portal | Agro-Weather Tool | Kenya Rice Knowledge Bank |  


Here are links to KALRO main, institutes and project websites: KALRO Main | Institutes' Websites | ASAL-APRP Website | UNEP-AGRA-KALRO SLM Project in Western Kenya | AgriFI CS AP Project Website  | International XXIV Grassland and XI Rangeland Congress 2020 | 


This is a master portal for all technical documents published by KALRO scientists including journal articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, technical bulletins etc. Access KALRO e-Repository, KAINet

Technical dissemination materials

This category contains packaged information for end-users including brochures, manuals, technical reports, success stories, videos, pictorial events, key media highlights. Example are Publications | ASAL Brochures and Manuals